Why SEO Is Crucial For You To Secure Success Online – Even During COVID-19

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I’m sure you’ve been scrolling through a plethora of articles pleading with you to invest in SEO because it’s never been more important than now, as internet usage has never been higher.

I’m sure you’re expecting me to say the same thing too. However, the first part of that statement –— that SEO is crucial right now — is true. The reason why, on the other hand, is not so simple.

Just because this pandemic has pushed more people online than ever, doesn’t mean that they’re spending all that time searching online. In addition to online search, 2020’s internet usage can be broken down into streaming, virtual meetings and socialising, gaming, mobile apps, and social media.

And when they are searching online, they’re searching for essential services, homebound activities, and answers to health and news-related questions. This translates into a dramatic decline in website traffic for non-essential businesses – which is precisely why you need strategic SEO efforts.

In the time of Corona, where search traffic is low for the everyday SMB, SEO is actually crucial to securing success online. Here’s why!

Evergreen Content Is Still King

Although we will likely feel its repercussions for years to come, COVID-19, like all trends, will eventually pass. Evergreen topics and questions that are relevant to your business, however, will not!

Most businesses fall into the trap of thinking SEO is only about creating content using topics everyone is talking about. Pages and blogs dedicated to trends will see traffic declining over time and struggling to rank above high-authority brands.

Using SEO to create and optimise content on evergreen, or ever-relevant, topics related to your niche, on the other hand, will accumulate traffic over time and is essential to prospering during this pandemic!

SEO Is About More Than Just Traffic

SEO doesn’t equate to mass marketing shots in the dark, meaning it doesn’t simply seek to increase the number of website visitors – it seeks to improve the quality of those visitors.

Your business will identify and benefit from a stream of highly qualified, profitable website traffic by investing in strategic SEO services now – even if only to nurture them for the future.

Consumers who land on your website now thanks to your SEO efforts, despite opposing trends and monetary restrictions, may be the most qualified traffic you’ve received in years!

SEO Is Lucrative In The Long-Term

To gain the almighty Google’s favour, and that of your target audience, you need to build trust and credibility as a reliable, leading source of information and offerings – and that takes time and consistency!

So, whilst experiencing a lull in business, consistency is still key! Now, more than ever, you need to implement and improve on your SEO efforts to build the symbiotic relationship with search engines you need to succeed post-pandemic.

Local Search For Local Success

Even as the pandemic pandemonium simmers down, businesses are closing, and consumers aren’t venturing any further than they need to – giving you a bittersweet opportunity to generate local business.

Using local SEO tactics, you can dominate local searches for “open now” and “near me,” and enjoy the lion’s share of local foot traffic!

Get More, For Less

In a time where money is tight, SEO agency reign supreme for their ability to produce directly profitable results for pocket change!

After a reasonable initial fee, every SEO tactic they’ve implemented and content they’ve created will continue to generate traffic and visibility for your website for as long as they’re live.

As you can see, even in the time of Corona, SEO is crucial for securing success online. However, that’s only the case for those companies using SEO agencies to compete!

That’s where Smart Finch Marketing comes in.

After years of field experience in an evolving market, our SEO specialists have evolved along with it. With unrivalled niche expertise and an intimate understanding of Google’s algorithms, you’ll enjoy top rankings in under six months!

Visit our website to see how we will ensure you secure success online.

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