Trusted Google Ads Management Services: Leading Digital Marketing Agency Reveals Benefits For Business Owners

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With an average net market share of 86.86% in July, Google continues to dominate the search engine domain as the world’s Goliath well into 2020! This makes it the perfect virtual billboard to advertise your offerings to an infinite audience of prospects through Google Ads.

However, simplifying it’s potential and importance in a mere two sentences is hardly an accurate depiction. Starting a Google Ads account from scratch is a time-consuming task to undertake in itself – managing it yourself, on the other hand, can feel near impossible!

This is why trusted Google Ads management services are essential for business owners looking to advertise online. Without them, developing results-driven campaign structures, bidding strategies, and ad copy will easily overwhelm you.

To put this into perspective, here’s what you will enjoy from Google Ads management services!


Audience Adaptation And Precise Targeting

With the right agency, you should only be paying for clicks from highly targeted prospects who are more likely to buy-in to your offerings.

By taking demographics, geographical location, timing, and search intent into consideration, these experts will use precision-targeted marketing to ensure that you see a notable return.

To make good on this promise, agencies will spend many labour-intensive hours testing and retesting well-researched targeting methods using messaging designed to coax clicks from each of your audiences.

Align Your Value Proposition With Search Intent

To ensure that you secure sales or increase your conversion rates, your agency will use specific strategies to target prospects at particular points in the sales funnel based on their search intent.

For example, if a user is searching for “jeans,” they have less intent to buy, and more intent to browse. If another user is searching for “high rise skinny jeans women size 8 AU,” you’re likely a mere click away from making a sale.

Essentially, these marketers will align your value proposition with users’ search intents to ensure they’re exposed to precisely what they’re searching for when they’re ready for it!

Continuous Testing

To protect your Google Ads account from stagnating, and maximise your ROI, your agency will continuously perform A/B split testing to ensure only the highest performing version of each ad or landing page is used.

They will create and experiment with at least two pieces of active ad copy for each ad group and multiple different landing pages. By comparing each piece of content side-by-side, they will get a crystal clear idea of what works – and what doesn’t.


Lowering Your Costs

To lower costs, as well as improve your account’s performance and Quality Score, a digital agency will first focus on creating a coherent account structure and ads groups based on semantically similar keywords.

Maximising Your Spend With Strategic Bid Management

With the expert insights of a team of digital marketers, you will be able to make informed, strategic bids to get the most out of your spend, as well as maximise your Quality Score and ROI!


Profitable Remarketing

A digital marketing agency will have the ability to not only drive thousands of clicks to your website, but also to use remarketing to recapture those that didn’t convert!

For stray prospects such as these, the ads that initially drew them in will be strategically altered to reveal other, enticing aspects of your offerings to draw them in again.

For example, they may target them with different styles or colours, or similar products that are popular with those searchers who also looked at the original ad.

Now that you know how much is involved, it’s easy to see why trusted Google Ads management services are so fervently sought-after by today’s overloaded business owners.

At Smart Finch Marketing, we saw this need grow from its infancy and have evolved alongside it, giving us the experience and expertise needed to proudly provide Australia’s leading Google Ads management services today!

Contact us today to enjoy more time to focus on business, while we target ready-to-buy prospects with highly optimised Google Ads campaigns that return results in 90 days.

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