PPC vs. SEO: Which Will Benefit Your Business Best?

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PPC vs. SEO; the age-old debate that has plagued the digital marketing industry since its inception.

Both of these digital marketing tactics drive traffic to your website. But, for most business owners, it’s about which one does it best.

Maybe your peers are raking in results with SEO. Perhaps your favourite go-to guru writes about the miracles of PPC.

But, to find the answer, you first need to understand the question!

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the science – nay, the art – of incorporating commonly searched terms (or keywords) into your website and content to rank high in search results and lure leads who are already searching for your offerings.

This results in highly qualified, targeted organic (unpaid) search traffic that is primed to convert on your website.

With so many brands competing for the same keywords, it can take some time before you get results from your strategy. However, once your website ranks high, it tends to stick around.

If your competitors aren’t using SEO to overtake you in particular, you’ll stay in this position for months!

Simply put, SEO is a highly successful long-term strategy. Contact us for SEO Services Canberra

What Is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click, on the other hand, is paid ads that offer instant, paid traffic from relevant search terms (keywords) by appearing at the top of the first two pages of search results.

The ‘miracle’ of PPC your go-to guru was raving about is the precisely targeted, instantaneous traffic it generates. You can target your ads based on searchers’ location, demographics, and income!

But, although these campaigns can be created as quick as a click, proper planning and strategies are needed to ensure a good ROI.

You’ll need to bid on your keywords, with some costing a couple cents and more competitive ones easily costing hundreds!

Therefore, PPC is a highly successful short-term strategy. Contact us for PPC Management Melbourne

So, Who Wins?

After reading this, you likely already know the answer – there is no winner.

PPC and SEO shouldn’t compete with each other; they should complement each other!

It’s about leveraging the best of both worlds.

SEO is essential to generate quality traffic over time for your website and product pages – without breaking the bank.

PPC should be prioritised for individual landing pages (often seasonal) – paying for the privilege of instant traffic.

While you wait for your unpaid search ranking to increase, you can instantly attract precisely targeted visitors who will convert (for a pretty penny or two).

To get the best of both worlds – and the best results – get in touch with Smart Finch Marketing.

As one of the leading PPC and SEO specialists in Australia, we’ve got the expertise needed to see results in six months or less!

Visit our website today to dominate your digital domain.

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