Generate as many leads as you can possibly manage with B2C and B2B lead generation funnels

Are you a business owner who isn’t generating enough leads? If so, you need strategic lead generation funnels designed to flood your business with highly qualified leads.

What are lead generation funnels and how can they dramatically increase my sales?

Lead generation funnels are designed to develop a database of targeted leads for you to market to. We accomplish this for our clients by running targeted PPC ads (through channels like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn) to a conversion optimised landing page which contains a lead bait.

A lead bait free and highly valuable content offer that we craft to perfectly position your business as an expert in your industry. This can come in many forms including eBooks, webinars, checklists, whitepapers, case studies and more. Your high value lead bait is offered to your audience in exchange for their contact details.

Once your lead bait has become a lead-generating machine we’ll show you how you can transform your leads into paying customers and clients by giving them an offer they simply can’t refuse.

What you need as part of your lead generation funnel strategy

  • Niche target audience

    We’ll help you determine your most profitable niche target audience that will become the focal point of your marketing campaigns.

  • Highly valuable lead bait

    To start generating leads you’ll need a free, highly valuable content offer that gives your audience the answers and information they’re seeking in exchange for their contact details.

  • High converting landing page

    Having a landing page that has been carefully crafted by real marketers is imperative to turn your lead bait into a consistent lead generation machine.

  • Targeted traffic

    There’s no use having a great lead bait and landing page if no one visits it right? This is why we’ll generate targeted traffic to your landing page from the type of people you’d want as customers and clients. We do this through channels such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

  • Carefully crafted offer

    If you want to turn your leads into paying customers and clients you’ll need an irresistible offer that they can’t refuse.

  • Automated email marketing campaigns

    Once you’re developing a targeted lead list it’s imperative that you continue to nurture your leads through carefully set-up automated email marketing campaigns.

Start flooding your business with qualified leads from the type of customers you want.

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