Think you're ready?

We don’t just take on every client. We take on clients that respect our process and are serious about making an investment into their business.

Here are some of the requirements we have before working with you:

You are ready to invest

We aren’t a cheap, quick, throw something together for a few hundred dollars type of business. If you are looking for this, I would recommend looking elsewhere. If you are looking to make a real investment into your business than get real results, then we might be a match.

You have goals

Make sure you have clearly defined goals, as this will help us determine exactly what services you’ll need to achieve them, and how to go about implementing them. If you don’t have an exact picture yet, you need to be willing to work with me to get one.

You have respect

As I said earlier, we only take on clients that respect us and our process. We don’t want clients that are looking to micro-manage us, but instead clients we can work with to achieve the best results.

You are professional

As this is a two-way relationship you will need to approach it professionally. This means you are prepared to fulfil your end of the bargain that is agreed upon, in a timely fashion.