Delving Into Digital Marketing: The Top 6 Terms You Should Already Know

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With the rapid digitisation brought about by COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses have flocked online to survive the lockdowns and marketing their offerings digitally.

If you, like these businesses, have found yourself trying to navigate the complicated domain of digital marketing, you’re likely feeling like a fish out of water. To help you fully understand our online world, our digital marketing gurus have listed some important terms you need to know.

#1 Lookalike Audiences

These are audiences (potential and current customers) that are more likely to buy-in to your offerings, as they’re similar to the audiences your brand already has. You can build lookalike audiences by uploading your email list to Facebook Ad campaigns to reach untapped audiences similar to your own.

#2 Engagement Rate

This indicates the level of interaction between online users and your brand’s content and social media, such as shares and comments. Think blogs and social media posts, like tweets and Instagram photos. High engagement rates indicate good quality content and satiated audiences.

#3 Lead Generation

As the name implies, this involves generating leads for your business. Essentially, this means grabbing the attention of prospects and nurturing them to buy-in. You offer them a ‘lead magnet’ (small giveaway, free eBook etc.) in exchange for their email addresses. This turns them into a lead, which you would nurture into a paying customer through emails.

#4 CTR: Click-Through-Rate

This shows you how many times users clicked on your online ads or website links in emails. It’s calculated by dividing the total number of clicks your ads or links received by the number of times the ads and links were shown (which is known as ‘impressions’) and turning it into a percentage.

#5 CTA: Call-To-Action

You know those ‘buttons’ you click on websites, emails, and adverts to follow-through, like “Learn More,” “Buy Now,” and “Sign-up”? Those are CTAs; they get your attention and make you complete a desired action. They’re big, bold, short, sweet, and straightforward. You should use them in your website, social media adverts, and email campaigns.

#6 SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

When users search for things online on search engines (like Google), they will be shown several relevant websites based on the search terms they use (keywords). SEO, when done well, helps your website rank as one of the top results on the first page. This is important, as users don’t tend to look further than page one. SEO agencies use tactics to find good keywords that are relevant to your offerings and used by the prospects that are most likely to buy-in.

In short, by incorporating these keywords into your website pages and content, these assets will be exposed to prospects already searching for them, making success more likely. For example, if you deliver homemade pizzas, your website will be exposed to prospects who search “homemade pizzas near me.”

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Our digital marketing agency in Brisbane will help you build and nurture a bulletproof online presence through conversion-focused approaches and calculated strategies that are tailored to your unique needs.

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